Saturday, April 28, 2007

Silent Night

For the first time this week, I haven't any contractors waiting to book on with me (yet). Station is closed to the public and as I am feeling peckish, I am going for my usual night time cycle ride and grab myself something to eat whilst I am out.

Friday, April 27, 2007


We got the sad news today that we didn't reach our CSS (Customer Satisfaction Survey) targets for last year so we won't be getting our bonus payments of £250 each.

I don't think this is actually very fair as the main reason we didn't reach our targets was down to Metromess screwing up with the rail de-stressing last year. Not exactly something that is within our control as station staff.

Staff shortage

We seem to be running out of staff on our group recently. We have a few vacancies anyway and now a couple of supervisors are off sick. I had to do a double shift yesterday and then resume after 12 hours rest. In 3 days I have worked over 42 hours, whereas normally it would be only 24 hours over the 3 days. Should get some nice overtime though, unless the dreaded taxman takes most of it.

Oyster watches

Not sure if anyone has even noticed these yet, but about 100 of us have been issued with a Swatch watch which has our staff pass built into it. At the moment it is only a trial until the beginning of June, but if the trial is successful then they will become a part of our uniform issue.

They are a bit inconvenient though IMO, as the oyster readers on buses and on the tube are on different sides, and I do seem to getting slightly more error code 94 (unreadable) when using it.


Major apologies for the lack of service for the past few months. I sort of got bored, and basically couldn't be bothered.

Not much has happened, I have bought a house in Egypt, I am still on the same group and the same grade (station supervisor) and still trying to lose weight by cyling everywhere.

I will try and blog a bit more often than before :)