Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost there

Coming to the end of the third cycle of chemotherapy. Had a few complications one of which necessitated a day trip to Western Eye Hospital where they said that the most probable cause of my eye problem was leukaemia cells pushing my eyeball down. Thankfully, it seems that wasn't the case. The doctors aren't sure what the problem was but it has healed up so no worries there. I also had some kind of reaction to one of the chemotherapy drugs called L'asparaginase which is injected into your butt. Very painful injection and I had difficulty walking and getting around for a few days but that problem is getting better.

Now it seems the doctors are just monitoring my blood etc and I hope to be going home for a couple of weeks in the not too distant future.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Round Three

Been back in hospital for round three of the chemotherapy treatment. I had another bone marrow biopsy a week last Monday and the doctors are happy with the results and it looks clear of cancer cells.

The chemotherapy drug they are using this time round is a drug called Methotrexate at a very high dosage. Before, during and for at least 72 hours afterwards they also give me loads of fluid via the drip, at least 6 litres a day to help flush out the Methotrexate so plenty visits to the loo. The urine is checked for it's acidity and the PH level in order to prevent any damage to my kidneys. They also take extra blood samples every day and send them off to Great Ormond Street Hospital for testing the level of Methotrexate in my system.

Once the levels of the drug have reduced adequately then they will give me the next dose and it all starts again.

Unfortunately, my elder sibling who got himself tested to be a potential bone marrow donor isn't a close enough match so at the moment the doctors are seeing how the chemotherapy goes before they start to look for potential non-related donors on the global database as they say the risks outweigh the benefits.