Saturday, June 19, 2010


Had to deal with a very angry young Somali man last week. He initially jumped over the gates to enter the station, and when approached by staff started shouting and using very very abusive language with many utterances of the F-word. I was called on the radio to assist. When I approached the young man, he was still swearing, so I tried to calm him down as he was causing quite a disturbance. We managed to get him to leave the platform when he mumbled something in Somali. I asked him in his own language 'Excuse me, what did you say?' When he heard that he became even more angry and started shouting that it wasn't allowed for me as a white man to speak his language and this just proved that I was a racist as it was illegal for me to speak his language. In the end we had to get police assistance and he was carted off in handcuffs.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Stupid drivers

On my ride into work tonight I had 5 near misses in a 50 minute ride. All caused by drivers having hand held mobile phones glued to their bloody ears. Is the law on this ever enforced?

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