Friday, July 20, 2007


We had to close part of out station for a short time today due to the flash floods, which caused a fair bit of flooding on the station which also had the lovely odour of sewage. Whilst dealing with our problem, it seemed like every couple of minutes another announcement came over our BBMS (Breakdown Broadcast Message Service) saying that yet another station had had to close due to flooding.

Moral Dilemma

Thankfully I wasn't on duty when this happened, but what would you have done:

A few days ago, a mobility impaired passenger arrived on a train with one of those electric buggy/scooters. Unfortunately they were unable to get off the train with the buggy due to the gap, and our staff were unable to lift them off. Police and Fire Brigade wouldn't lift them off either. The line controller decided to empty the train of every other passenger and try reversing the train into the adjacent platform and let them disembark there. The customer refused to try this. In the end they took the train out of customer service, took the empty train with the mobility impaired customer back to where they started and then LUL paid for a black cab to take them to their destination which I imagine cost a fair packet. Now I don't want to seem callous but shouldn't some of the onus be on the customer to check before they travel to ensure they are able to exit etc. All of the other passengers on the original train were delayed and inconvenienced. A perfectly good train was removed from customer service, and also the additional expense of paying the taxi fare.