Friday, August 05, 2005

Contents of my travelcard wallet

Anne Marie Maningas from her blog version 3.1 seems to have started a trend. Next up came Annie Mole and maybe a few more. Anyway here are the contents of my travel card wallet (bought at Muji a while back): Contents
1) Free cinema vouchers courtesy of Tim O'Toole
2) Laminated UTS cards with most of the error codes on
3) UTS card (to allow me to sell tickets)
4) Car Park pass
5) Family railcard
6) Priv. travel card for my daughter
7) Weils disease card (in case I get mugged by rats)
8) Staff Pass & Staff Oyster
9) Subway stamps
10) RMT card & book of stamps
11) Spare name badge & the wallet in question.

As you can see most of the stuff in there is work related in some way or another.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Picc. line back again

More good news today, with the Piccadilly line back up and running. At least for a couple of days before they suspend it again for engineering works.

When the damaged train was brought through from Russel Square, we were told by our managers to make sure the platforms were completely empty of staff, cleaners & contractors. I think to ensure no-one took any pictures to sell to the tabloids. It was quite an eerie feeling though watching the train pass through my station.

Remember to avoid the Picc & District lines this weekend if possible, because of the planned engineering works taking place from Hyde Park - Acton on the Piccadilly line & from Earls Court - Acton & Earls Court - Gunnersbury on the District line.

Letter from Tim O' Toole

Got a nice surpise in the post this morning. A generic thank-you letter from our boss, and a couple of free cinema tickets. Lets hope the cinemas have something worth watching in the not too distant future. Any suggestions are welcome. (I like sci-fi, horror & Japanese films or various genre's)