Friday, December 30, 2011


The doctors think I have an infection as my temperature which is taken about every 2 hours has so far reached 37.9. To combat this I am now hooked up to the hated IV pump machine thingy and getting some penicillin.
The chemotherapy drugs are still taking a toll on me. Haven't eaten anything since Tuesday afternoon so they are considering feeding me intravenously throughout the night.
Other than the Mrs who has been great, nobody has bothered to visit me from my family, friends or colleagues so feeling pretty unloved and unwanted.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


They had to give me a couple of units of A- last night as my haemaglobin level had dropped below 8.0. So thanks to my anonymous donor of blood especially as A- is quite rare. Apparently only 7% of people in the UK are of this blood type.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adverse Side effects

One of the chemo drugs that I am on this time round is called Cytarabine. I receive this for four consecutive days and then three days off and then it starts again. Unfortunately, this drug really takes a toll on me. I haven't eaten for two days, been vomiting and feeling really weak and lethargic.

To help combat the nausea they are also giving me four different ant-emetic drugs, one of which makes you feel very very dizzy, unbalanced and sleepy, so at least I had a decent nights sleep.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saline drip

Half-way through the first of two saline drips. Each one takes 6 hours so I will have to spend 12 hours connected to the IV pump.

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Noisy night

The patient in an opposite bed for some strange reason has had an alarm clock going off every 15 minutes for the past hour. The nurse has had to come in each time, rouse the patient and tell him to turn it off. Unfortunately it keeps going off so the nurse has now confiscated the alarm and told him he will return it in the morning as it is disturbing everyone else. The same patient was also told off for having his TV on too loud and not using headphones. It's like being back at school.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stage 2

After been released from the hospital ward for the past 10 days I have been re-admitted yesterday for the second induction phase of the chemotherapy treatment. I am in a different ward to last time and so far this ward (D7) seems to be more organised and regimental but less friendly. I had to sign a waver upon arrival with regards to my personal belongings which I didn't have to do in the Weston Ward. There are numerous signs up in this ward saying that one is not allowed to enter this room or that room at certain times etc, again something that wasn't present in the Weston Ward.

The Weston Ward also had laundry facilities so I was able to wash and dry my own clothes, whereas on D7 they don't have that option so the Mrs will have to take my dirty clothes home and wash them for me.

The first chemotherapy for stage 2 induction I have been told will be administered later on today as well as my second intra-thecal dose of chemo. After my first IT chemotherapy I had really bad headaches for a week so hopefully that won't happen this time. Also suffering from what they call Peripheral Neuropathy which is basically numbness and pins and needles in my fingertips. Makes it a bit awkward to type, hold a pen, do up buttons etc, but this is a common side effect from the chemotherapy drugs.

I am still in a bay room so have to listen to my neighbours snore etc. Although they have said I should be transferred to a side room soon.