Thursday, October 28, 2010


Managed to get assaulted last Thursday. A very inebriated man decided to go for a walk down the track so I ended up wrestling with him trying to drag him back onto the platform. So after potentially saving his life he again assaults me and racially abused me before legging it prior to BTP arrival. Ending up finishing work 2 hours later than usual driving around in the back of a police car looking for the man and giving a statement to the police.

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Change of scenery

After nearly 10 years as a reserve supervisor I have finally been offered a rostered position on another group. Will be transferring in a couple of weeks. Hope the staff morale is higher as it is really low on my current group.

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Strike 2

Decided to come to work for this strike. Don't particularly agree with the strike anyway. Not too many staff booked on and a very limited train service operating from my station. Sone staff will continue to make themselves very unpopular by working overtime on strike days though.
Had to get a DSM to cover my meal break or the station would have had to close for 30 minutes.

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