Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last day of chemo

Today should be the last day of chemotherapy for this particular phase, so once my blood counts go back up (especially the white blood count and Neutrophines) I will by the grace of God be allowed to go home to prepare for the next phase of chemotherapy which is called intensifiction which just by the name alone sounds quite daunting.

I will also have to wait for my temperature to come down and stay down, it spiked at 40.1 last night although this was during receiving blood. I hope to have a word with the hospital admin today as everything they have given me either fluids or blood products such as blood, platelets or plasma it has always been very very late so you are constantly getting disturbed during the night which is of course not exactly conducive to rest and relaxation which is just as important in getting better as all the drugs and testing etc.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


My blood counts have been dropping gradually day by day. My red blood counts keep dropping below 8.0 so they keep giving me blood. My platelets keep dropping below 50 so they have to give me platelets and the Neutrophils within the White blood cells have dropped below 0.5 so I am now Neutropenic. I have to wear a mask if I leave the room and not because I might scare people :) and I am on a 'clean' diet so no take aways, no soft cheese, no raw vegetables or salad etc etc.

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