Friday, August 24, 2007

Another nutter.

I was in the ticket office this morning when the CSA informed me of a regular fare evader double gating. I then went onto to west bound platform to deal with him. Initially he tried ignoring me, then tried the old chesnut "no English" etc, then he started shouting at me in Polish, I know a little Polish including one curse word "Kurve" which I coudln't resist saying to him, he then started saying I was gay, and I was Elton John and an arse bandit. Amazing how the only English he knows is this. Eventually he got bored and left the station whilst continuing to berate me in Polish. The CSA also happened to be Polish so she translated some of what he said which was "If it wasn't for the Poles, then Trafalgar Square would be called Hitler Square, and it was the Polish army that won the war for Britain, ergo he should get free travel"

Whatever next??